Ready to transform your teaching?

ARS Faculty Program immerses you in best-in-class teaching and institutional practices.
ARS faculty development program supports the access to skills and critical thinking to the frameworks that empower faculties and managers to lead. Our programs are specific to the needs of your division, department or institution.
ARS intensive development programs are dedicated to help educators, business leaders to pursue suitable skills and capabilities to be successful in their careers. It will benefit by transforming you in your teaching that will have impact across your institution.
designed to provide you with the most advanced teaching tools and with accurate knowledge and comprehension of the teaching skills that are typical of high performance business educators.
ARS faculty development program key objective is to design most advance teaching tools with accurate knowledge & comprehension of teaching skills specifically fo high performance business educators/leaders to develop the teacher’s creative capabilities, enabling him/her to manage a complex set of variables:

  • Teaching Techniques
  • Field specific content management and knowledge
  • Self-esteem management in contexts of teaching
  • Manage and Foster the interpersonal relationships with audience

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