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Welcome to Academic Research and Solutions Sociedad Limitada

Academic Research and Solutions Sociedad Limitada (ARS) is an international, independent and global platform that conducts global events including international symposiums and workshops in all major disciplines of business management, engineering, mathematics, social & applied sciences. ARS goes beyond the standard practices by setting our own standards for academic research & innovation. It help the organizations and individuals to fill skills gaps and foster an environment of continuous talent development and support academic activities that encourage the intellectual and operational governance in the field of management, engineering and applied sciences.


Academic Research and Solutions Sociedad Limitada (ARS) seeks to become a catalyst for scholars and researchers to bring their opinions and researches to our conferences, events and workshops for interdisciplinary exchange of up to the minute information.


Inspire global community for spreading knowledge.

Core Values

Academic Innovation, Excellence and Integrity
Scholarly Research, Networking, Professional Leadership
Diversity and Equity
Collegiality and Collaboration
Corporate Social Responsibility


Providing Platform & Solutions

ARS provides scientific resources to students, scholars and researchers all around the world, aims to promote better research in applied academics, foster a dialogue and facilitate networking opportunities for international knowledge acquisition and educate learners from all ages. We are organizing peer-reviewed academic conferences that bring together the world’s leading scholars and opinion leaders also, arranging seminars, workshops and courses in order to inform the publics on the deeper understanding of emerging scientific issues and novel research methodologies. Renowned researchers, scientists, noble scholars in their respective fields grace our events as keynote speakers, panel experts, and scientific committee members. Our speakers gain global recognition as we take them straight to the audience through our symposiums and workshops. With its world class state of innovation and information know how, our conferences facilitate knowledge promulgation through paper presentations, round table discussions, debates and workshops.

Our Services

Promote to Think Differently

International Symposiums

Guiding the way by expanding the possibilities.

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Workshops & Seminars

Improving opportunities for changing the future.

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Faculty Development Programs

Research based day to day teaching and leadership practices.

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Educational Consultancy

Acquisition of educational skills necessary to be prepared.

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Notes to Participants

Oral Presenter

Poster Presenter

When you submit your abstract please let us know that you would like to present your paper as a poster. If your paper is accepted, please make sure to bring your posters in the conference. You will be shown the assigned place for your poster when you register at the registration desk. The recommended poster size is 36″x48.”

Symposium Speaker

Virtual Presenter

Listener / Audience Member


Local Attractions


Part fortress, part palace and part garden the Alhambra is situated on a plateau overlooking the city of Granada in southern Spain. The palace was constructed in the 14th century by the Nasrid sultans. The Alhambra is now one of Spain’s major tourist attractions and many visitors come to Granada just to see the Alhambra.

Mezquita of Cordoba

The Mezquita (Spanish for “Mosque”) of Cordoba is a fascinating building famous for the forest of pillars and arches inside the main hall. The site was originally a Roman temple, then a Visigothic church, before the Umayyad Moors built the Mezquita. After the Spanish Reconquista a cathedral was built into the center of the large Moorish building.

El Escorial

Nestled in the foothills of the Sierra de Guadarrama, El Escorial was the political center of the Spanish empire under King Philip II. Philip appointed Juan Bautista de Toledo as the architect in 1559 and together they designed El Escorial as a monument to Spain’s role as a center of the Christian world. Today it functions as a monastery, royal palace, museum, and school.